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In modern every life we are all surrounded by lots of offers for products and gifts. Reaching us while we are watching TV, surfing on the Internet or moving on the streets, there are thousands of offers from various companies everywhere that seek for our attention. And even though we are overwhelmed with information, we are always thirsty for new products made of innovative materials. If you feel that way, the Carbon Touch online store is your place.

Who are we?

We are a proven manufacturer of carbon fiber products and accessories - an innovative and high-tech material. Over time and thanks to its experience, Carbon Touch has developed its own technological know-how. Using innovative design, engineering technologies and innovative solutions, the company integrates all known production techniques for composite products and creates its own production processes - unique worldwide. This allowed it to enter various industries where large-scale production is needed.

What do we offer?

Here at Carbon Touch we manufacture from consumer luxury goods to large industrial parts.

  •  - details for the manufacturing industries, robotics, production of machine parts, where reliance on production facilities is relied upon. There are no restrictions in the industry.
  •  - car parts - we represent both the exterior and interior tuning of cars - front covers, spoilers, mirrors, interior details on the doors, central panels, etc.
  •  - application in space - our experience in this field is based on the design and development of modular carbon fiber body systems for mini satellites Cube Sat.
  •  - components for weapons - butts for rifles, barrels, handles for knives and pistols, etc. - again the advantage is the low weight and strong body.
  •  - furniture - we can make solid furniture with a multi-layered solid structure, such as tables, chairs, as well as furniture made of carbon fiber thread, which are extremely effective.
  •  - home accessories - plates, cutlery and serving utensils, fruit bowls, vases, wine holders and candle holders, etc.
  •  - custom solutions - it all depends on customers and their inquiries, because carbon fiber has endless possibilities.
  •  - lifestyle accessories - luxury business cards, keychains, office accessories and corporate gifts
  •  - jewelry - we have our own brand Zak Code for men's and women's carbon fiber jewelry - necklaces, bracelets, earrings, cufflinks and keychains.

Where can you find us?

We do not have a physical store, but all our regular carbon fiber products are visible in our online store. If you need assistance, contact us by phone and our employee will be happy to help you choosing the right gift for you. We adhere to personal attitude and individual consultation.
We give a two-year international warranty for our carbon fiber products. And if you have a specific request for your own project, call us to set an appointment and come to our workshop, where our experts will advise you about the possibilities that carbon fiber as an innovative material allows.

Why shop from the Carbon Touch online shop?

Because we are in love with carbon fiber and have been making products with proven quality and attractive vision for more than 10 years. Because we know that carbon fiber products are the future and although they require a lot of manual work and precision, in addition to being beautiful, they are extremely strong and very light. Because we are constantly trying to improve and expand our range and production capabilities.

And last but not least, because we would be happy to consult you, and subsequently craft the perfect carbon fiber product for you. And since we are a manufacturer, we can offer some of the most competitive prices, as well as short production times and fast delivery when ordering online. We are expecting you!