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Carbon Touch is a small, young high-tech Bulgarian company founded in 2012 by professionals with extensive experience in carbon fiber elements production.

The entire Carbon Touch production is under one roof: a balanced symbiosis between fine-tuned hand craft and precision equipment technology. All ideas, their development and final vision of accessories and packaging and production, all of this is the creation of a united and motivated team of experts. We stand behind every word of ours since we do not have subcontractors.  

Carbon Touch company vision


Carbon Touch develops its own technological know-how striving to perfect the use of composite materials through innovative design, engineering and production allowing the company to penetrate various industries.


Several things guarantee the quality of the Carbon Touch brand products:

  •   ⬢  Carbon fiber, the emblematic material of extreme lightness and strength.    
  •    The variety of methods and materials for its processing allow us to boldly take it out of F1 bolides and hi-tech toys and turn it into an everyday item, both different and refined.
  •    The hands of our craftsmen processing all elements through every production stage are yet another quality guarantee.
  •  ⬢  Our personal attitude helps in the testing of each ready product so we can ensure your complete satisfaction throughout its use.


Our carbon fiber products are of unique productivity and style in a wide range of applications - from consumer goods to industrial production. There is no limit to what we can achieve together when you add the expert solutions and tailored options provided by our team.  


Welcome to the world of high-tech materials - The World of Carbon Touch!


Carbon Touch Company booth