Carbon Fiber Rifle Blaser Matte

Carbon Fiber Rifle Blaser Matte
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If you are a real carbon fiber fan, we can add a carbon fiber look at your favorite rifle. Choose it high gloss or matte finish.

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Carbon Fiber Rifle Blaser Matte

Are you a fan of the new high-tech materials like carbon fiber?  A material best known from the racing sports which features high strength and extremely low weight.

We can cover your original wooden rifle with layers of 100% real carbon fiber and make it strong and durable.

A special treatment technique is used for the carbon fiber to achieve the matte finish. 

If you want to redesign your rifle and add it more modern look we could help you. Feel free to send us an inquiry. 


Manufacturer: Blaser Jagdwaffen GmbH

Country of origin: Germany

Additional carbon-fiber elements: Carbon Touch Ltd, Bulgaria

Carbon Touch Ltd. is a Bulgarian company that provides aftermarket customization service and is neither affiliated with Blaser nor an authorized reseller of Blaser products.  Blaser is under no obligation to repair, replace, or otherwise service products sold by us. The trademarks of Blaser are the registered trademarks of Blaser Jagdwaffen GmbH.

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