Carbon Fiber Island Stands

Carbon Fiber Island Stands
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Trade stands type "island", made of real carbon fiber with a decorative, eye-catching, red line and 3D glossy surface effect.


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Carbon Fiber Island Stands

These trade stands type "island" are entirely made of real carbon fiber and we can call them proudly our masterpiece.

The set consists of two stands with different trade sections. Their base is metal and stable, and the countertops themselves are made of carbon fiber with a different shape. The distribution of the exhibition area allows to show both products to which the client has access, and those that must be locked behind a glass window. Cabinets are inserted in the stand itself. They are made of MDF and are locked in order to store a computer, cash register, etc.

The lighting is built into the stand itself. One is equipped with a built-in monitor section.

The red line is paint placed on the carbon fiber raw surface under the lacquer coating. The surface allows cleaning with a soft microfiber cloth and detergent.

It is possible the production of different sizes and shapes depending on your needs.

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