Carbon Fiber Money Clip

Carbon Fiber Money Clip
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100% Genuine Carbon Fiber money clip which can hold just one single bill.

3K Twill Weave

3D Glossy Highly Polished Finish

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Carbon Fiber Money Clip

Constantly digging through a bulky wallet wastes time and energy in our busy world. The carbon fiber money clip gives you quick access to your money. It is really priceless during the summer when you don`t have big enough pockets to store a whole wallet.

Money clip is flexible and always return to its original shape.  It springs back precisely to hold just one single bill.

It is handcrafted, moulded, smoothed, laminated & polished to achieve a long lasting product entirely made of 100% genuine carbon fiber. 

3K Twill Weave

3D Glossy Finish

Dimensions: 43 x 50 x 10 mm

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