Carbon Fiber Bottle Opener

Carbon Fiber Bottle Opener
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Quality, hard and strong bottle opener, which does not bend, as it is made of 100% real carbon.

Carbon Fiber Bottle Opener

Very hard Bottle Opener without the ability to bend as, this is a quality product made from genuine carbon fibre. It can open any bottle. The matte finish of the bottle opener and its special finish give you the oportunity to feel the structure of the material. It is small enough to enter the standart card section of your wallet.

⁃ Engineered from Real 3K Twill Carbon Fiber

- Thick as two credit cards

- Strong and light

Dimensions: 65 x 52 x 2,5 mm

Weight: 7gr

This is the perfect fathers day present to compliment an alcoholic beverage. 

It could be customized with a company logo on it. The shape could be different by request for bigger orders.


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