Carbon Fiber Bullet Black Key Holder

Carbon Fiber Bullet Black Key Holder
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Carbon fiber solid key holder, made of 8 layers of 100% real carbon fiber with a thickness of 1.5mm.  It is the perfect stylish corporate gift if you put  your company logo on metal insert. 

Material: 100% carbon fiber; stainless steel

Weight: 5 gr carbon fiber; 28 gr bullet

Finish: Premium Matt

Dimensions: 60mm x 16mm x 1.5mm 

Carbon Fiber Bullet Black Key Holder

The stylish carbon fiber key chain is part of our special line of carbon fiber accessories.

It is made of solid 8 layers of carbon fiber with a thickness of 1.5mm. Originally cut on a digital program machine, each key holder is hand-crafted by our craftsmen with attention in detail, which is a guarantee of consistently high quality.

For the unique vision, special technology is used to create the modern and pleasant for touch Premium finish of the product.

In addition to the nice looking carbon fiber tag we added a stainless steel 316L bullet in black colour. The bullet pendant can be open for saving small objects inside.




Material: 100% carbon fiber; stainless steel

Weight: 5 gr carbon fiber; 28 gr bullet

Finish: Premium Matt

Dimensions: 60mm x 16mm x 1.5mm 

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