Carbon Fiber Bracelet Onyx

Carbon Fiber Bracelet Onyx

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Handmade bracelet made of semiprecious stone onyx. The special magnetic carbon fiber clasp, made of carbon fiber-coated stainless steel is designed and handcrafted with attention in detail by Zak Code`s craftsmen.

Materials: 100% carbon fiber, stainless steel

Semi-precious stone beads: onyx

Magnetic carbon fiber clasp with a stainless steel base

High gloss clear-coated carbon fiber elements

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Carbon Fiber Bracelet Onyx

Handmade bracelet made of semi-precious stone onyx and carbon fiber tube.

The onyx is the stone of the wrestlers and the stubborn. It helps to make decisions. It alleviates sleep and/or in the therapeutic aspect its properties focus on the treatment of emotional problems, heart disease, and weakness of the bones, skin, nails, etc.

Birthstone for Leo and Anniversary Gemstone for the 7th Anniversary of Marriage.

Suitable for zodiac signs: Leo, Aries, Sagittarius, and Taurus

In addition to the stylish design, a 6mm tube of 100% genuine carbon fiber is added. Also remarkable is the unique magnetic carbon clasp made of carbon-coated stainless steel, designed with attention in detail by Zak Code's craftsmen.

All carbon fiber elements have a special 3D high gloss finish.

The men`s carbon fiber bracelet "ONYX" is available in a convenient storage pouch and an elegant gift box.


Onyx beads 8mm

Magnetic carbon fiber clasp with a stainless steel base

3D High Gloss Finish

Note: It is possible to order different sizes of bracelets.

Please measure your wrist tight with thread and ruler and choose the appropriate size for you from the drop-down menu.

PLEASE DO NOT ADD EXTRA SPACE. We will add extra length depending on your size.

You can see more instructions in our Size Guide

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