Carbon Fiber Table Universe

Carbon Fiber Table Universe
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UNIVERSE is a coffee table with an elegant design made of carbon fiber with stable metal construction, massive glass top, laminated with carbon fiber and sides made of embossed carbon fiber panels with a triangular shape.

Materials: 100% carbon fiber

Construction: metal construction

Top: massive 8mm glass with carbon fiber bottom lamination

Sides: embossed carbon fiber panels

Weight: 55 kg

Dimensions: 84 x 124 x 30 cm


Carbon Fiber Table Universe

Elegance, stability, luxury, and high tech materials are the top features of our carbon fiber table Universe

a coffee table with an elegant design made of carbon fiber with stable metal construction. The top is made of massive glass of 8mm thickness and real carbon fiber laminate through vacuum infusion. The carbon fiber laminated bottom part of the glass top creates a unique 3D effect that attracts the eye. We used carbon fiber fabric with a large pattern that resembles a chessboard. 

The four outer sides of the table are made with special carbon fiber panels with custom triangular shapes. The panels are very light and they are positioned on the metal construction.

The table weighs 55 kg and It is durable and resistant to extreme loads. UNIVERSE is a gentle addition to any modern interior solved in the spirit of minimalism.

You can have it in a set together with our elegant Carbon Fiber Sofa Universe.


  • Modern look
  • Handcrafted
  • Made with real carbon fiber
  • Solid structure
  • Massive glass top with bottom laminated carbon fiber 
  • Lightweight carbon fiber side panels with a custom triangular shape
  • Custom shape and sizes are possible under request
  • Made to order in Bulgaria
  • Standard lead time 4 weeks



84 x 124 x 30 cm

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