Our Mission

It is our mission to be among the leading European manufacturers of carbon fiber-based products.

We work in close collaboration with our clients in order to select the specific composite material and form necessary for their unique application. Whether you need a single prototype or a supply of thousands of components, Carbon Touch has your back. Because we believe that we will be successful when our clients are successful. 

Our Values

  • We aim at manufacturing carbon fiber products of the highest quality in Europe.

  • We invest in our reputation because we respect our confidential relationship with clients and always fulfill our obligations dully and professionally.

  • Ours is a small team but charged with optimism and appreciating the efforts of every single team member. 

  • We provide top-notch service to our clients from the idea to the end product.

  • We are transparent and fair in our business projects. 

  • We manage efficiently our clients and company resources. 

  • We are striving at superior quality and design. 

  • We keep our promises and perform by the word given.

  • We are craving new challenges.