Zak Code - Handmade Carbon Fiber Jewelry

Carbon Touch launched a line of carbon fiber jewelry Zak Code which includes a variety of styles that look good to everyone. The main collection contains carbon fiber pendants, bracelets, earrings and cufflinks.

We selected classic shapes though the fans of extravagant and sophisticated jewelry can also find their favorite accessory here. Carbon fiber necklaces and bracelets are the next gen splendid hype accessories.

You will never go unnoticed with a carbon jewelry which will outlive everything on the market today since these accessories are made to be light, strong and stylish.

Actually, you won’t find colorful necklaces but you will surely make an impression with the high-tech carbon material and the shimmering finish of Swarovski crystals. Check out the whole collection handmade carbon fiber jewelry Zak Code by clicking here.

Carbon Fiber Jewelry Zak Code