Carbon fiber composite materials

Composites from carbon fiber


The composite panel combines the superior durability and rigidity of carbon fibers with lower density materials. The materials used to design a composite sandwich panel are thin, light composite laminated layers or sheets, such as fiberglass or carbon fibers, and a low density lightweight core. They are well knonw as carbon fibre foam core panels. 

Composites - carbon fiber

To make a carbon fiber sheet (also known as composite material), the carbon fiber fabric is saturated or pourred on with epoxy resins and heated at high temperature for the resin to penetrate through all the layers. This is how a high temperature carbon fiber panels are made. 

Carbon fiber plates have a wide range of applications. They are an excellent replacement for aluminum plates when you need something lightweight and strong.

A subsequent process can bond the cured carbon fiber composite materials to the core of the panel by a thin layer of resin which is used for glue, vacuum moulding and thermal treatment. By strategically combining all the materials, we create a finite product with a much higher rigidity to weight ratio than a single-material product.

Carbon Fiber Sheets

Carbon Fibre Honeycomb Core Sandwich Panels are made of two top carbon fibre layers called ‘sandwich’ and an Aluminium Honeycomb Core inside. The surface finish of both carbon fiber layers is smooth and glossy but it is possible to be a matte if desired. These panels are very light and durable, they have high stiffness and cosmetic finish. Thier application in the industries such as aerospace, automotive, mass transportation, marine and industrial automation is widely represented.

Carbon fiber honeycomb sandwich panel structure

In applications where weight is crucial, carbon fiber composite panels are especially suitable. Composite panels are used in a wide range of products in various fields: residence building, boat manufacturing, aviation and aeronautics industry, wind generators, automobile industry, etc.

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