Carbon Touch BG Ltd. is a Bulgarian manufacturer of carbon fiber components and products. Our brands represent different areas of our production..

Carbon Touch – we produce products and solutions for various industries and B2B customers in a wide range of industries. Check out the collection here.

Dobreff Design is our brand for luxury accessories and home furniture. Most products are inspired by natural elements and phenomena such as sea waves, tree leaves, deep sea, night sky, etc. and they are recreated with high-tech materials and a modern look. They are handmade mainly of carbon fiber, which is a very durable and extremely lightweight material. New generation Luxury material - New generation Luxury furniture. You can see our collection here

Zak Code -  Zak Code is our ladies and men`s line for jewelry made of carbon fiber, Swarovski crystals and stainless steel elements.  Our collection relies on classic styles, but at the same time lovers of extravagant and alternative jewelry will find for sure their favorite accessory with us. Check out the collection here.